Refund & Replace Policy

SCOPE : All the Pacific Power EV Pvt Ltd Lithium-Ion batteries are under warranty for any type of manufacturing defects or the problem occurred due to workmanship for a period as mentioned.Limitation of Warranty:
Company warrants their Battery packs to be free from defects in material and workmanship under standard application as specified in user manual / warranty card / wesbite. The original warranty period remains in effect and will not be extended, nor will a new warranty period begin, upon repair, replacement, addition, or prorated refund of the defective Product. Warranty will automatically terminate after the warranty period expired.Duration of Warranty
Terms and Conditions to avail Performance warranty claims:
  • Original Invoice along with duly filled complaint form and fault details.
  • No tempering with Battery.
  • Battery should be discharged only at recommended discharging current mentioned by Company.
  • Battery pack is in its original condition as supplied by Company when kept for any type of claim / repair under warranty. Battery pack should not be in damage condition. There should be no signs of physical damage, fire, over-voltage supply, any connector damage, wire cut or wire melting etc.
  • There should be no tempering with integrity of cells, BMS and other wirings.
  • Battery pack is used only with the application as defined.
  • Battery pack was kept / used in specified temperature range.
  • Battery should be in warranty period given by Company.
Conditions of warranty void:
  • In a case customer fails to produce the original invoice (Serial number to be mentioned) with date of sale issued by Company or authorized by Company.
  • If warranty seal is tempered or removed.
  • Battery pack charged at other than recommended current by Company.
  • Warranty will be void if the pack is observed for mishandling / physical damage.
  • Cut / joints in the power output.
  • Damage due corrosion resulting from environmental pollution such as soot, chemical vapors, acid rain, direct contact with saltwater, immersion in water, whether caused by flooding or otherwise, and any type of mold.
  • Misuse of battery pack or use of battery pack other than specified applications.
  • Damage occurred due to non-compatibility with, or defects in, system-related parts and components.
  • Fire due to negligence of the customer.
Process for claim under Warranty:
  • Send Faulty batteries to Company as mention address in Invoice along with fault details.
  • Applicable Batteries Reworked /Replaced within 2 weeks after defect are confirmed.
  • Company will send Reworked /Replaced batteries at customer site
Scope of Repair / replacement / refund under warranty
  • Company will provide limited warranty to their customers in any of clauses as mentioned below.
  • Battery pack will be repaired or replaced by a refurbished battery pack if all warranty terms and conditions found as per details provided in previous warranty.
  • New Pack replacement as per pro rate bases.
  • Always read the instruction manual before using the battery pack.
  • Always use Company recommended charging current to charge the battery pack.
  • Always charge your battery in temperature range from 0°C to 45°C and operate in temperature range from – 10*C to 60*C.
  • Always store battery in temp controlled environment
  • Follow driving guidelines to get good mileage of the vehicle.
  • Always maintain avg. speed during run to get the best mileage per charge.
  • Do not park vehicle in open sunlight
  • Do not keep lights or other accessory on when vehicle is in standby.
  • Do not add any electronic accessory without approval of authorized Entity.
  • Never try to cut or joint the charging, power O/P cable.
  • Never Charge the battery pack with more than recommended current by Company.
  • Never put your battery pack in discharged condition. Keeping battery ideal in discharge condition may directly affect the lifecycle of your battery pack. If you need to keep the battery pack ideal for some time, keep it fully charged and disconnected condition.(not recommended more than 6 months)
  • Never connect the charger while mains input of charger is on.
  • Never charge your battery pack below and above temperature 0°C to 45°C and operate in temperature range from -10*C to 60*C.
  • Never try to put the battery pack near to fire, extreme heat, firecrackers and other potential explosive.
Company had taken care of all the possible safety precautions in component selection and manufacturing process / workmanship. If battery if misused / abused or try to open the battery pack by unauthorized personnel; as result, it may be a potential hazard. User are advised to keep precautions and read the operation manual / or stickers carefully along with do’s and don’ts to avoid any possible accident / personal or property loss due to mishandling or misuse of battery pack. In such a circumstance, Company. is not responsible in any terms for any type of personnel injury or property loss.